Partnerships with cashback services

Cashback services for advertisers

Convert cashback service audiences into new, loyal customers – and gain higher conversion and customer retention rates

A cashback service business model for advertisers

Greater audience reach

Cashback services are known for their huge, active and motivated user bases. Being featured on these platforms gives your brand visibility an enormous boost – exposing you, your products and services to new audiences, target markets & revenue streams.

Higher Average Order Value (AOV)

Customers treat cashback as a delayed product discount. Sensing they’re receiving valuable rewards on your products or services, customers are motivated to buy more from your store. This leads to a significant increase in order value.

Effective paid placements

Cashback services often offer their partners additional paid placement opportunities. Paid placements – including home page banners, client-focussed emails and special projects – offer premium brand exposure in high-traffic areas, building brand visibility, customer loyalty and driving traffic.

Higher conversion rates

The bonuses cashback service members receive motivate them to buy more. By partnering with a cashback service, the purchase of your products and services becomes incentivised, traffic to your online store grows and conversion rates increase.

High ROAS and positive ROMI

A pay-per-result model means you only pay for the successful purchases generated by the cashback services. The returns you receive on ad spends and marketing investments are transparent, forecasted, and directly correlate with sales growth. On top of this, you gain a lot of additional brand exposure.

Free promo opportunities

It’s in the interest of a cashback website that you sell more. For this reason, they often arrange their own promo campaigns to highlight your offers, products & services. Whether through paid ads, direct marketing activities, ad banners or more, you get the opportunity for extra sales and brand exposure for free.

How can advertisers collaborate with cashback services?

Register as an advertiser

Register as an advertiser on our website, fill in some basic information and you are in.

Launch your affiliate program

Sign the agreement – we’ll arrange the technical integration process for you – and your affiliate program goes live.

Allow traffic from cashback services

Enable traffic from cashback service partners in your account settings and enjoy the flow of new customers coming from these partners to your affiliate program.

Invite cashback affiliates

Send private invites to cashback websites within the affiliate network and begin collaborating with them directly.

Think of your promo strategy

Actively participate in the promo activities of the affiliate network, as well as in campaigns organised by the cashback websites themselves – this way you’ll significantly increase your offer’s visibility and sales.

Watch how your sales increase

Your affiliate program is now open to thousands of publishers, each bringing their own, relevant traffic. Your sales grow, while you pay only for the results!

Next steps

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Cashback Services for Advertisers: FAQ

Why should I partner with cashback services if I’m already making sales?

Working on a pay-per-result model, you only pay for the positive results you see – the acquiring of new customers and increase in sales. If partnering with a cashback website doesn’t bring any additional value or profit to your business, you won’t need to pay anything for it. It’s a risk-free decision that can only grow your business.

Isn’t cashback the same as offering discounts?

No, not really. Customers treat the cashback they receive on purchases as a deferred discount, motivating them to buy more. By partnering with cashback services via the affiliate network, you won’t need to offer any additional discounts. This keeps your margins secure, while exposing your brand and products to new customer bases.

How much cashback do I pay to the user when I partner with cashback services?

You only pay the pre-agreed commission to the affiliate network for each confirmed sale. The cashback amount is fully the policy and responsibility of the cashback services themselves – they arrange the payments to the users on their own, deducting the % from the commission you paid.

What strategies can advertisers follow when working with cashback services?

Your commission strategies for cashback services can be adjusted based on your business goals and needs.

Whether you’re focussing on new client acquisition or wish to increase brand awareness to wider audiences, simply adjust your strategy rules and commission rates accordingly.

How can I be sure the traffic provided by these partners is of high quality?

Our internal traffic quality control department makes sure that all our partners provide high-quality traffic to our advertisers.

Using special tools like Brand Auditor and Brand Guard, we manually inspect each publisher and their traffic sources, making sure that your brand is 100% safe and protected.

Automated alarm systems are triggered if we suspect any type of foul play, and violations are caught and resolved if and when they occur.

This way, we can be sure that you are only provided with high-quality, secure and relevant traffic.

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