Partnerships with Influencers

Grow your business with the right partnerships

Reach all-new audiences by partnering with influencers and content creators

Partner with influencers to reach new audiences and grow your business

Increase engagement and boost conversion

Influencers are true opinion leaders in their fields who create genuine content for their followers. Unlike traditional paid adverts, this audience is self-selected, highly engaged, and motivated.

Guaranteed return on investment

Conversion-based pricing models mean you only pay when you earn money. Unlike view- or click-based pricing, this means that you cannot lose money with affiliate marketing. The worst you can do is break even. Whether you choose from a number of preset pricing models or design your own, the golden rule of affiliate marketing stays the same: you only pay for results.

Easy access to thousands of influencers

A robust affiliate network gives brands the opportunity to easily and quickly connect with influencers across all networks and platforms. No need to negotiate with each partner separately: your brand will be visible on the platform and available for promotion by all content creators in our partner network. And once again – you only pay for real sales!

Reach new audiences

From worldwide audiences counted in the millions to esoteric clubs of hardcore fans, influencers are the best way to speak directly to dedicated, focused communities full of potential customers. Partnering with these thought leaders increases your brand’s visibility in the community and builds trust with fans, leading to increased brand engagement and conversion.

Higher virality

Influencer marketing boosts your SEO and helps increase your brand visibility. Since the sponsored content is not true advertising, it’s more likely to be shared by your influencer’s audience, bringing your brand to an ever larger audience. This increased reach will boost your brand recognition, maximise your ROI, and continuously attract attention to your store.

How Admitad helps advertisers collaborate with influencers

Register with us as an advertiser

Create an advertiser account on our website, fill in some basic information, and you are in.

Launch your program

After you sign the agreement, we’ll arrange the technical integration process for you. After that, sit back and relax – your offer is live!

Partner with influencers

Send invitations to the influencers you think will work best for your brand and wait for them to start collaborating.

Fine-tune your collaboration terms to attract more partners

Leverage a robust set of tools to make your brand’s promotions more attractive to potential partners. As your partner portfolio grows, your reach and exposure do, as well.

Think of your promo strategy

Actively participate in the promo activities of the partner network, as well as in campaigns organised by the influencers themselves. This way, you’ll significantly increase your offer’s visibility and sales.

Watch your sales increase

Your affiliate program is open to thousands of publishers who bring relevant traffic to your site every day. Your sales are growing, and you’re still only paying for results!

Next steps

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Influencers for Advertisers: FAQ

How can I be sure I’m getting high-quality traffic?

Our internal department of traffic quality control makes sure that all our partners provide high-quality traffic to the advertisers they collaborate with. We manually inspect each publisher, check their traffic sources, and use special tools like our Brand Auditor and Brand Guard to make sure your brand is safe with us. We have a sophisticated system set up to automatically detect and resolve most violations, so you can rest assured knowing you’re being provided with only the most high-quality, secure, and relevant traffic to your website.

How do I know my product or service is being correctly depicted by the influencer?

As partners of the partner network, influencers need to follow the rules and brand guidelines provided by the advertiser. We give the product or store descriptions to the partners who use them with no risk to the brand image or reputation.

What strategies can advertisers follow to work with influence marketing partners?

You can adjust your commission strategy with influencers based on your business needs. Whether you’re currently focusing on getting new clients or increasing your brand’s visibility to wider audiences, you can always adjust your rules and commission rates for the necessary user categories or even promotion of specific products.

Can influencers also promote specific products instead of my entire store?

Yes, you can focus the affiliate program conditions on certain products so that your influencers will drive customers only to those products or brand lines. Likewise, you can focus your commission strategy on growing your audience and getting new clients only. Each time, of course, you only pay for the results you’ve set as your growth objectives.

Isn’t it cheaper to pay the influencer a fixed amount for the collaboration?

Our cost-per-action model means you only have to pay when you get results. Your marketing spend only increases when sales (or whatever other metric you have set as a goal) increase. Though one-time product placement by influencers might seem more attractive, easier, and cheaper, the impact and ROI of such a campaign are much more uncertain and difficult to measure.

Grow your business with the right influencer partnership

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