• UV photoinitiators

    Electromagnetic radiation which is only a smart part of the UV radiation is measured wavelength ( a unit of measurement shall be a nanometer, nm). Radio waves and microwaves have a long-term spectrum, while the infrared, visible light and UV – short. UV range is extremely short; curing paints...

  • Paints for bedroom, kitchen, ale kid's room

    Living room and bedrooms are perfect for the use of matt emulsion paint, that hides Any irregularities and prezent the formation of light reflections on the painted surface. If the interios are quite dark we can use the specdial matte acrylic paints manufactured in the technology of optical...

  • Photopolymerization process

    One of the greatest limitation for the producers of different types of glues and sealants is the problem of combining materials, which are, in principle, uncompatible in regard to one another in processes of gluing such like metal, glass, wood, paper and plastic. For the time being, there are...

  • Cationic polymerization photoinitiators

    Cationic polymerization photoinitiators currently used in the industry are burdened with significant technological problem consisting in inefficient absorption of UV radiation. Energy utilization hovers around 10%. Our offer includes finished photoinitiators GalOrti-7M-P and GalOrti-7M-S. Depending...

  • "Photoinitiators are the future for paint manufacturers"

    - Joanna O.

  • "Sounds complicated, but the technology is astounding "

    - Bernard Courtois

  • "Using light as an alternative of heat, the UV curing processes are based on a photochemical reaction"

    - Dr James Ricco